Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Make Best Warm Chicken Salad

How to Make Best Warm Chicken Salad

chicken breast 280g
8 broccoli                  
cabbage 200g
4 mini carrots
4 cauliflower
4 bamboo shoots
melted cream 45g
olive oil 15g                
red wine vinegar 13g
finely chopped red onion 8g
salt and pepper
salad oil 15g


1.       Scald the vegetables in boiled salt water and drain them

2.       Cut chicken breast into pieces, and paint salt and black pepper powder on them

3.       Add salad oil and 5g cream in the pan; when the cream color changes, put sliced chicken to fry until the chicken color changes. Then take the chicken out

4.       Add the rest 25g cream and add vegetables to fry quickly

5.       Sauce: add melted cream in another pan; then add olive oil, red wine vinegar, chopped red onion

6.       Put the fried vegetables on the bottom; then lay the sliced chicken; sprinkle the sauce on it.

Different from other salad, this chicken salad is warm and it is suitable to eat in cool days.

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