Monday, May 7, 2012

My Unique Healthy Beef Salad Recipe

My Unique Healthy Beef Salad Recipe

Materials: 2 pieces of beef steaks, 1 potato, half onion, little lettuce

Seasoning: black pepper, salt, olive oil, oyster sauce


1.       Marinade two beef steaks with black pepper, salt, olive oil and oyster sauce

2.       Wash potato; peel it and dice it; boil the potato in the water till it is soft; remove the chopped potatoes and drain the water

3.       Wash the onion and dice it

4.       Pour olive oil in a pan, and fry the beef sticks

5.       Chop the fried beef steaks; put the chopped steaks, onions, potatoes into a big bowl; add salt, black pepper powder and olive oil to stir.

In the end, decorate the bowl with lettuce leaves; you can also use the lettuce to wrap the beef salad.

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