Friday, May 4, 2012

How to Make Sushi with Lettuce and Salad

How to Make Sushi with Lettuce and Salad


Lettuce, laver, rice, sushi vinegar, fried white sesame, salad dressing


a.       Cook common rice, it can be a little sticky.

b.       Sushi vinegar ingredients: 2 tsp white vinegar, 1tsp white sugar; a little salt.

c.       Mix the sushi vinegar and rice

d.       Wash lettuce leaves and cut the extra part to make it as long as laver.


1.       Put the laver on the sushi shade first; then put rice

2.       Cover a layer of plastic on it to turn the rice and laver over.

3.       Take 4 pieces of lettuce and fold them just like the picture. Wrap the rice and laver together.

4.       Curl the plastic and sprinkle some fried sesame.

5.       Dip the knife with water and then cut the sushi into pieces

6.       Squeeze the salad dressing on it.

It is not so difficult to make the lettuce salad sushi. You can have a try when you are free!

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