Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Specific Spicy Papaya Salad Recipe

Specific Spicy Papaya Salad Recipe

1 Green Payaya

15ml shredded coconut stuffing

Some garlic peanuts

Dry small shrimp

2 pepper

Proper lemon juice

Fish sauce

3 pieces of garlic


1.       Mash the pepper, dry shrimp and garlic; then add fish sauce and lemon juice to stir.

2.       Peel the green papaya and remove the seeds. Slice the papaya and dip them into icy water to maintain the crispy taste. Drain the water.

3.       Add the sauce made in step one into the papaya; then sprinkle with peanuts and shredded coconut stuffing.

Note: This papaya salad is really very spicy; maybe you cannot accept its taste. You can reduce the amount of pepper.

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