Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Typical German Potato Salad

Typical German Potato Salad


1000g potatoes

1 onion

30ml olive oil

60g white vinegar

100g bacon

5g salt

3g white pepper powder

100ml light soup

15ml mustard sauce


1.       Wash potatoes; peel the tomatoes and onion; chop onions with bacon
2.       Add appropriate amount of hot water in the pot; put the potato into it; heat the pot for 30 minutes until the potato is completely soft. Take the potato out and drain the water; cut it into piece.
3.       Take a teaspoon of olive oil into a pan; after heating, fry the chopped onion and bacon in it; then pour them on the potato pieces.
4.       Add salt, white pepper powder, olive oil, white vinegar, light soup and mustard sauce to stir thoroughly.

Tip: You can also use the salad dressing to mix with potatoes.

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